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Who We Are

SYG (Thailand) Co., Ltd is also the sole distributor for Timberdeck Sdn. Bhd. brand ofproducts – ‘Boisdeck’ for the Thailand market, which specializes in Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) and Vinyl Composite (PVC) green building materials.

Our Vision

Together we green the planet for better living and a healthful environment, through awareness and innovative solutions.

Our Mission

We are committed to preserving the forest for the next generation and promoting environmental stewardship that cares about our planet. We promote sustainable use of the earth’s resources to reduce pollution and waste.

Our Reach

Our products are widely exported and used around the world.


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Sustainability Matters to Boisdeck

Join us in our efforts to reduce our carbon footprint and create products for the modern world without comprising our natural one.

Reducing forest exploitation with the use of wood replacement, which in turn helps reduce our carbon footprint.

Our products are made from “reclaimed” post-graded materials for low embodied carbon. These repurposed materials are resilient, perform better than wood-fibre based products, and have long life span.

The surface of our products can be restored and renewed with mere sanding, without the use of paint or wood coating.

Our products are completely recyclable. The value of recycled materials is able to sustain the recycling process cost.

Sustainable Living is Your Passion.Ours, too.

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